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Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers all information parents need to know prior to booking with Next Level Sports and on-camp arrival. If you have any further questions, please contact via or call 07780478535.




Wear and bring

  • Comfy clothes for an active day, including practical shoes (i.e. trainers) and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.


Food and Drink

  • Healthy and balanced packed lunch, plus additional snacks for break times/extended hours

  • Refillable drinks bottle (all children will be advised to keep this filled throughout the day)

  • Please provide ice packs during hot weather as we are unable to provide refrigeration facilities

  • Next Level Sports does not have a ban on nuts or any everyday food or drinks. However, the we may ask parents to avoid nuts (or other foods) in packed lunches if children with allergies are on camp.


  • Please state on your booking form if your child has any medical or allergy requirements 

  • Please send appropriate medication every day, such as Inhalers/epipens etc 

  • If your child needs prescribed medication during sports camp hours, please bring it along with you and you will be required to fill out and sign a Next Level Sports medication form

  • Next Level Sports staff can not handle non prescribed medication 

  • If your child has suffered from a sickness bug, then please allow 48 hours before they can join our sports camp. 


Do not bring

  • Mobile phones – if you child requires a mobile phone then this must be securely signed in with our member of staff, who will keep it in a secure place till the end of camp. 

  • Money – at no point will your child require money during the day 

  • Electrical appliances, if found these will be removed and kept securely until the end of the day 

Next Level Sports cannot be held responsible nor can they compensate if items get damaged or go missing.



If your child is in year 5/6 and currently walks home from school, then during sports camp we will allow this, as long as a Walking Home form is completed at the beginning of sports camp, which should be signed by an appropriate parent. *Please download form via clicking the above link.


Our sports camps usually run between the hours of 9-3pm, although some camps may differ. For more information see our camp dates and times on our main page, look at the sports camp flyer or contact us directly for more information. 


Payment must be made prior to sports camp. We usually require the booking form and payment handing directly to the school office. *Please download form via clicking the above link. Payment can be made by the following ways: cash, cheque, and BACS.



During our sports camp we will try and provide as many different activities as possible throughout the day. 

These will include indoor/registration activities such as Table Tennis | Wii | Board games | Arts and Crafts. 

We will then provide lots of sports activities such as Dodgeball | Football | Gymnastics | Apparatus | Tennis | Hockey Tagging Games | Basketball | Handball. 

We will then rotate our main activities daily around all of our camps, including Laser Tag (which is lead by a trained provider) | Soft Archery | Scooters and Ramps and Fencing. 


We will also try and send one of our trained dance providers around each venue at least once per camp. 



Next Level Sports requests that parents be punctual in dropping off and collecting children. We also request that parents inform Head Office/Camp Manager when a child will be absent due to illness and other unforeseen circumstances. If no prior notice is given, the Camp Manager will attempt to contact parents in the case of absence.

  • Parents are asked to tell Head Office/Camp Manager if their child is going to be absent and ask them to provide a reason i.e. they are sick.

  • We ask parents to contact at the beginning of the day.

  • Parents can ring or text the camp manager or call head office to inform us if their child is not attending.

  • If a child doesn’t attend the camp for their sessions, the camp manager or head office would be responsible for contacting the parent to find out the reason why.

  • We would speak to the parent personally.

  • If there is no reply and the child does not come to the camp, we would refer to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy as the welfare of the child is a priority.



Children need to bring a packed lunch with extra snacks for break times and a refillable drinks bottle. Children have an hour for lunch: the first 30 minutes is spent eating with friends and instructors, and then there’s another 30 minutes to run around, play games, or chill out. We also have two 20-minute breaks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – during which the children can enjoy their snacks. Lunch and breaks are fully supervised and children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch.



Next Level Sports has thorough Policies and Procedures required for the efficient and safe management of our camps, aimed to promote the welfare, care and learning of the children who attend. All Policies & Procedures reflect the statutory guidance in “keeping children safe in education” published in September 2018 by Department for Education. If you would like to read/download the full Next Level SportsPolicies and Procedures, please view our Important information page




Next Level Sports are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Background checks and an enhanced DBS will be required.


Next Level Sports believe that all staff need to be vigilant and act on any concerns they may have regarding the welfare of the children they are working with. If any member of staff has any suspicions about the treatment of a child, or actions of an adult, they must immediately raise it, either to the Next Level Sports DSL team, local authority safeguarding services or the police. Please see the full Next Level Sports Child Protection Policy here.

*All safegaurding documents are available to download on our Important information page.

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