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School Enrichment Days 

Providing Positive Experiences

School Enrichment Days 


Let us help your school make an impact on your children through Sports and Exercise. Next Level Sports Ltd have designed and produced an extensive range of Enrichment days, from whole school take overs to individual sports and activities. Our Enrichment days are accessible for all year groups and provide an opportunity for students to study and try various sports and exercise in greater detail, giving them the opportunity to develop additional skills and understanding. 

Our Enrichment Days 

  • Whole school Healthy Living Days  
    providing both practical and classroom based activities to help give children a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle. This includes all classroom resources and activities including; superfood tasting, fact finding, balanced diet and healthy lunch box ideas, as well as practical sessions including; Boot Camp, HIIT workouts, Yoga, Clubbercise and Circuits. 


  • Introduction to a new sport
    Our qualified coach will bring all the relevant equipment and deliver a fun and engaging session, allowing all your children to learn and experience a new activity or sport, which may influence them to try it again in the future. These can include; Soft Archery, Laser Tag, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Tri Golf, Clubbercise, Zumba or Dance Fit. 


  • Team work skills
    Next Level Sports Ltd provides a wide variety of activities and games to help develop team work between children and classes, impacting on class relationships and play and lunch time harmony. 


  • Sports Mentoring Programme
    Combining both physical activity and one to one sessions, our experienced and trained coaches work with children with specific needs highlighted by teaching staff to help improve and develop the children’s skills and understanding around the focused area. This could be burning extra energy, turn taking, sharing, dealing with winning and losing or any other relevant life skills. 


  • Major Competition and Sports Days
    We can plan and deliver a fun sports focused enrichment day to provide children with knowledge and practical experience of an upcoming events or competitions. From Summer to Winter Olympics, World Cups or Open championships we can provide an experience for all children. 


We can even support the planning and delivery of your school Sports Day or School Games Day. From new modern sports and activities to traditional potted and field events. 

"I just wanted to pass on a massive thank you, both from myself and the rest of our staff. They really enjoyed the day. All of the staff I spoke to were massively impressed by the activities, the manner and energy which the NLS staff showed and the organisation which went into today. Please pass this onto the rest of the gang as they all do a wonderful job. 


The children I spoke to were all absolutely loving it and I am excited for the KS2 day, too. There is a real buzz in school around PE at the minute and this has gone a massive way towards ensuring that it stays there. Thank you again and I hope you have an amazing weekend. Many thanks for your continued high level of service/communication!"


Teacher | Wayne Sellers | Beardall Fields Primary School


For more information please email or contact 07780478535 

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