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Next Level Mindset 

Improving Mental Health

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RISE & SHINE - 4 Week Challenge


(1 week BONUS for Teachers)

  • Learn to choose how they DO want to feel daily! 

  • How ENERGY affects their mood and what to do to create it!  

  • Why gratitude is IMPORTANT

  • How to set MEANINGFUL goals and smash them!!! 


How many sessions?

4 sessions +1 Bonus SESSION for the teachers 


YEAR 5 or YEAR 6 full classes or selected groups




Session Times?

30-45 minutes live call/with weekly support and daily challenge for the children to complete ready for the next session. 


Children can be identified during this programme for additional support and deeper work to support their emotional resilience development. 


WATCH ME RISE – 12 week Resilience Programme 

A twelve week resilience mentoring programme designed to build resilience both in and out of the classroom environment. 

  • Gives children the opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential. 

  • Children will participate in a variety of fun and engaging activities delivered by one of our experienced team members.

Why is resilience important for children?

The ‘Watch Me Rise’ programme has been developed as a resilience mentoring scheme, based on the research by Hart, Blincow and Thomas 2007 (Resilient Therapy: Working with children and families, to help develop resilience).


The programme aims to develop the 7 C’s, which are the individual components that link together to form resilience. These components are: character, confidence, competence, control, coping, connection and contribution, based upon the research by DR Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D. in his book, ‘A Parent’s Guide to Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Your Child Roots and Wings’.


Extensive research has clearly identified a link between improved resilience and both performance and enjoyment, within the school environment, and in everyday life. The aim and objective of the programme is to help children to flourish at school, boosting academic and sporting achievement and helping them to enhance their overall school experience. 


How will the Watch Me Rise programme benefit your children?

The programme will help your children to: develop self-worth and self-esteem; identify interests, talents, and targets; outline future hopes and aspirations; understand responsibility; improve life and problem-solving skills; make healthy life choices.


Wellbeing is crucial to a child’s development and the implementation of this programme will help to support this and result in improved confidence, leading to greater success socially, sportingly and academically. 



Who is the programme designed for?

The programme has been designed for children who find being resilient challenging. This may include children who struggle with any one of the 7C’s. These children may have been identified by your staff members, by our experienced team or as a result of our Rise & Shine Challenge. 


How long is the programme?

Watch Me Rise is a twelve-week programme.


How many children are in each session?

The programme has been designed for small groups, up to four children.


How long will each session last?

Each session will last 45 minutes.


How much does the programme cost?

Please email for detailed prices 

What do people think about the Watch Me Rise programme?

Watch Me Rise is an excellent programme, which builds the resilience of children through mentoring. The children who have completed Watch Me Rise have thrived, with the small group boosting their confidence. They are given time to talk about their current and their future aspirations, and how they can be achieved through positive choices. It is hugely beneficial in developing the celebration of their achievements (no matter how big or small). This in turn leads to children who can flourish, even when they find things difficult, stressful or overwhelming.” 


Upper KS2 Phase Leader at Farnsfield St Michael’s C of E Primary School

Watch Me Rise off­ers something most other SEMH interventions don’t. It has been exciting for the children to go on a powerful journey of self-discovery. It has improved the mental health and wellbeing of the pupils in my care.” 


Family SENCO for the Minster Family of Schools

For more information please email or contact 07780478535 

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