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Healthy Living Programme 

Live a Healthier Lifestyle 

Healthy Living Programme 

Next Level Sports Ltd understands the impact of exercise on children’s physical and mental wellbeing and recognises the impact inactiveness can have on the short and long term development of all children. We also understand the importance of positive experiences in PE and school sport in their future engagement in sport and exercise. 

Next Level Sports Ltd has developed a 10 week programme to provide children, recognised at risk of inactiveness or obesity, a positive experience in vigorous exercise. This aims to encourage these children and their families to continue to exercise as well as embedding an understanding the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Our 10 week course aims to provide fun, non-competitive strenuous activities which hopefully have a positive impact on all identified children. The sessions are delivered by a qualified and experienced coach, providing activities such as; Zumba, Circuits, Dance Fit, Aerobics and Clubbercise. 

In addition, we can also provide an after school clubbercise club for both parents and children. Allowing children and parents to exercise together, encouraging them to continue exercising together in the future. 

At the end of the 10 week programme, all children complete an easy questionnaire which helps establish the impact the course has had on the children, as well as provide them with information and club links to continue to participate and exercise in the activities they’ve enjoyed. 


For more information please email or contact 07780478535 

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