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Staff Training 

Expanding on Your Education 

Younger Leader and Midday Training 


Sports Leaders 


Next Level Sports is an accredited Sports Leaders UK Training Centre. Our trained coaches work with your selected children and provide both practical and theory based sessions to develop the next generation of sports coaches. Our course provide children with the knowledge and skills to deliver fun, safe and challenging break time activities for the whole school to access. We can also train your young leaders to develop and deliver your schools personal challenge activities, helping your school achieve their school games mark award. 

Our sessions tend to take between 10-12 hours before they are ready to deliver their planned activities. At the end of the year the children will be awarded a Sports Leaders UK certificate, which they can use in their record of achievement. 


Midday Supervisor Training 


Our Midday Supervisor Training provides your midday staff with an understanding of Positive break and lunch times, by providing fun simple games and activity ideas to help keep children active and engaged. 

Our training provides loads of fun games and resources around 3 key areas, traditional games, modern games, fitness activities as well as an understanding on the impact of positive play times in reducing lunch time issues and inactiveness. 

Next Level Sports allows the staff to try and see first-hand our easy lunch time activities which they can deliver as well as provide a resource pack with over 50 games and activity ideas. We have now delivered our supervisor training to over 70 middays throughout Nottingham and Derbyshire. 


For more information please email or contact 07780478535 

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