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Filming a Video - Behind the Scenes!

The aim of the video was to show just how easy and quick the daily challenge cards are to use.

Whether your inside the classroom, in the school hall or out of the playground you can use the cards in whatever area or space. As the video shows, you don’t have to worry about the wet weather, as our cards are waterproof and very robust.

The cards can be followed by all years, whether you do it as a whole class, in small groups or on own their own the traffic light system enables all abilities to be able to complete the card.

The cards not only aim to improve the overall health and fitness of all the children but provide an energy boost during the long days in a classroom, which can often be sat at a desk. Why not try the cards inbetween lesson changes just to get them energy levels up ready to smash the next activity.

With over 45 cards there’s lot of variety to keep the children interested throughout the year.



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